Stories of craftspeople and creativity told by the Goldsmiths’ Company

For nearly 700 years the Goldsmiths’ Company has been contributing to national life through our support to craftspeople; nurturing and promoting their talent, skills and creativity. We have been building a creative community since 1327 – it is core to our purpose.

And we understand that without the creative process, there is no craft.

That’s why we’ve made Goldsmiths’ Stories – a place to celebrate makers and share the craft of gold and silversmithing through stories that inspire all of us to connect with creativity, from discovering a new appreciation of artisan skills to overcoming adversity.

We’re passionate about giving craftspeople a voice and the tools they need to succeed in an ever more challenging world, where creativity can be seen as optional and not essential.

The Goldsmiths’ Company is living contemporary proof that consistent support for a community provides vitality and purpose. Goldsmith’s Stories is a way to capture the essence of this community and to support its future, established in 1327 and thriving in the 21st century.

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